Liquid Smoke

The liquid smoke Bremil is produced from partial combustion of wood, which is filtered after collection and patterned, yielding a product rich in phenol, featuring its flavor and aroma. The wood used comes from reforestation projects, working with modern techniques of environmental management. Thus it is guaranteed, and excellent quality of wood, the sustainability of the environment. The fumes Net Bremil are divided into two product categories, based on their application form.

Smoke for immersion or spray

Highly concentrated product with application in the form suggested dose dilution into drinking water. Its application dilution ranges from 25% to 50%, depending on factors such as bathing or immersion time and the desired color in the final product.

Liquid smoke for direct use in mass

Highly concentrated, rich in phenols and application of recommended doses ranging from 30g to 100g for each final product 100Kg product. This variation depends on the flavor intensity desired in the final product.

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