Protein Blends

Functional compounds, made from protein. Are essential ingredients in the preparation of meat products of high yield, in which it is necessary to maintain the texture and eliminate the net loss. Work in the formation of the protein matrix of cárnica emulsion, increasing the texture, improving juiciness and reducing cooking breaks and the release of liquids - mainly in vacuum packed products.
Among the products for emulsion are Sendmail, with final protein content ranging from 50% to 65% according to its formulation, presented in natural color or pink; and Extrugel with a final protein content ranging from 65% to 70% according to the formulation also presented in natural color or pink.
The protein compounds for packaging that can be added phosphates and thickening agents, are primarily invested in the production of seasoned cuts of meat in order to add juiciness and softness to the product after roast.




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