Using soybeans, a natural and renewable source, Bremil develops its own technology for the manufacture of grain derived proteins. Since 2001 the company guarantees the supply of GMO Free Soy Protein and makes available to the market one of the most complete lines of soy protein derivatives.

Protein Isolate

The soy protein isolate (highly functional, with 90% of the protein content) is produced from the white soy flour by washing and centrifugation processes for removal of carbohydrate and fiber. Indicated in the preparation of meat products injected or emulsified, dairy and nutrition; dietetic foods; pharmaceutical and animal nutrition industries.

Concentrated Protein

Concentrated proteins are produced in the same manner and have the same indication that isolated. Have the final protein contents of at least 68% on a dry basis.

Textured Proteins

The textured soy proteins are obtained by extrusion process from defatted soy meal white. For its moisturizing characteristics and water retention, a fundamental ingredient in the preparation of meat sausages, as an adjunct in reducing cost and improving texture, or lifting protein value and nutritional quality of the final product.

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